IPA FLB (Governership of Istanbul)

1- The Sile Lighthouse                                                                    1-The_Sile_Lighthouse

2- The Sile Castle                                                                             2

3- The Weeping Rock                                                                     3

4- Fishing Traditions                                                                      4

5- Historic Ship Rescue Station                                                    5

6- Sile Fabric                                                                                     6

7- Sofular’s Geology and Story of the Ten Thousand               7

8- Sile’s Past                                                                                   8-Sile's_Past

9-Yenikoy’s Local Culture                                                      9-Yenikoy's_Local_Culture

10-Yenikoy and beekeeping                                                     10-Yenikoy_and_beekeeping

11- Introductory Panel                                                                   11


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