Alector Project with the partnership of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova was introduced to press and public with an info day held in Şile and Ağva on 30th June,2016. The committee of this organization consisted of 85 people coming from Governorship of İstanbul, Bahçeşehir University, local people, district governor, mayor and deputy mayor of Şile and press representatives. There were also various artists and academicians in this committee from Istanbul University, Boğaziçi University and Bahçeşehir University. Press representatives that participated in this organization included agencies and local agencies such as Anadolu and Doğan Agency, Şile Agenda, Bölgenin Sesi Press, Yıldız News and Flash News.

Mr. Harun YAMAN, Project coordinator of European Union and Foreign Relations Office, IPA lead partner, Mr. Serkan YEŞİLYURT, partner of the project from Bahçeşehir University, Mr. Salih YÜCE, district governor of Şile, Mrs. Ayşegül YILMAZ from Boğaziçi University, Mrs. Yasemin GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU MASARACI, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality curator made their speeches on the importance of Cultural Heritages.

Project coordinator of European Union and Foreign Relations Office, Mr. Harun YAMAN, made his speech on the importance of Alector Project and this organization. He emphasized that they are informing local people and foreigners about less known historical and cultural sites besides mostly known places. He also indicated that highlighting various cultural heritage environment such as fishing, Şile fabric, Şile lighthouse besides historical and natural beauties of Şile was among the significant objectives of this trip tour and info day. Within this Info Day, 24 Roll ups with barcodes prepared for this project were placed in determined sites and delivered to Şile District Governor by GOI European and Foreign Relations Office and Bahçeşehir University. It was stated that creating an open-air museum by means of using barcodes on these roll ups was aimed. Local and foreign tourists can download a simple mobile application for barcodes reading and reach all the information about the heritage sites easily. Everybody participating this organization had a chance to discover this Open Street Museum. Mr. Salih YÜCE stated that ten sites had been identified in Şile and Ağva and they made a great effort to contribute the project through their project office and youth center. Mr. Serkan YEŞILYURT stated that they identified and highlighted natural and cultural heritage in Ağva district. Especially abstract heritage such as sea cliffs, cultural houses and nature are significant in Ağva. He also stated that they are carrying out studies to reveal natural heritage and prevent them from being extinct. They are trying to remind people who had lived once in these places of their past. He pointed out that they are making meetings with locals, local opinion leaders and village headmen upon the importance of this project. Mrs. Ayşegül YILMAZ indicated that they extended the project with great contributions of locals. She also arranged meetings with village headmen, local association members, opinion leaders upon cultural heritage. She pointed out that locals also made suggestions through the process of defining cultural and natural heritage sites in Şile and Ağva. She emphasized that Turkish and Greek people had lived in harmony in these places. Mrs. Yasemin GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU MASARACI stated that she had been working to protect cultural heritage as well as abstract heritage since 1991. She pointed out that they are willing to carry out studies in order to highlight cultural heritage, too. Moreover, audience made contribution to Info Day with their questions and comments. Info Day ended with the presentation of open street museum.

Last Update: January 23rd, 2021
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