Host Event in Drama, Greece

THE ENPI FLB DRAMA DEVELOPMENT SA has completed the Project Host Event for key stakeholders and actors on the 10th of August in Drama, Greece


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Fig. 1: Welcome greeting by President of Drama Development SA Mr. Anargyros Patakakis and Mr. Manolis Chaztopoulos, Director
Fig. 2: Project Presentation by Dr. Nikos Thomaidis

On Monday, August 10, 2015, the ENPI Lead Beneficiary Drama Development S.A. has organized the local host event in the framework of the Action “Collaborative Networks of Multilevel Actors to Advance Quality Standards for Heritage Tourism at Cross Border Level”. The host event was designed to communicate the Action’s objectives to local decision makers and interact with them so they collaboratively work on the local Pilot Project of Drama. The local Pilot Project refers to an interpretative trail linking on selected cultural heritage sites in the city of Drama.


Fig. 3: Presentation of the Alector Project to stakeholders by Dr. N. Thomaidis

The meeting was attended by the Head of the Regional Unit of Drama and President of Drama Development SA Mr. Anargyros Patakakis and the Deputy Mayor of Drama Mr. Georgios Papadopoulos.

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Fig. 4: Stakeholder representatives

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the following organizations and bodies:
• Development Directorate, Regional Unit of Drama.
• Tourist Office, Regional Unit of Drama.
• Planning Department, Municipality of Drama.
• Tourist Office, Municipality of Drama.
• Managing Authority of the Operational Programme of East Macedonia and Thrace.
• Local Government Political Party “Local Government of Citizens”.
• Local Government Political Party “Project Drama 2020”.
• Directorate of Primary Education.
• Department of Forestry, Technological Education Institute of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace.
• Private individuals.


The main speaker of the host event was Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou – Zuhrt, Special Scientist on issues of Tourism and Heritage and external associate of Drama Development SA. Dr Papathanasiou – Zuhrt referred to the international experience in cultural heritage management issues and presented the draft local pilot project of Drama Development S.A.


Fig. 5: Pilot Project presentation by Dr. D. Papathanasiou-Zuhrt
Fig. 6: Pilot Project presentation by Dr. D. Papathanasiou-Zuhrt

In a specialization of the above, Mrs Evanthia Tzimou (Office of Tourism Development) spoke on the issue of the design and implementation of local cultural experience -with the participation of visitors- in Tzimou Mansion, a stop of the project’s pilot project. Before the above invited speakers, Dr. Nikolaos Thomaidis (Tourism – Cultural Planner and Communication Officer), proceeded with a brief presentation of the activities to date and the next steps.



In the second part of the host event, a round table discussion was held, in which speakers answered many questions from the participants and had a useful exchange of views and ideas on the issues of the local pilot project and the management of cultural heritage in general.
It is expected that 30 stakeholders and organization will sign the ALECTOR non-statutory cooperation agreement (NSCA) and thus enter the Black Sea Heritage Observatory as final beneficiaries. 3 Press releases demonstrate the vivid interest of the local press for the cultural heritage project in the “”Golden Tobacco Age


Fig. 7: Stakeholder Invitation

The ENPI CBC BS ALECTOR Cross Border Project Team

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