Participation of Alector Partnership in a Conference

has participated the International Conference
“Frontiers in Environmental and Water Management
of the ENPI CBC JOP Project 2007-2014

The International Conference

The conference is organized by Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (EMaTTECH) and the Center for Research and Education on Water Resources (C.R.E.W.) under the project ” Utilizing Stream Waters in the Suppression of Forest Fires with the Help of New Technologies ” with the acronym “Streams-2-SUPPRESS-Fires” that is funded under the EU INTERREG IV “Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013” framework. The Conference has focus on current developments in environmental and water management with an emphasis on innovation and new technologies to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.  More information can be obtained at the Conference Website:


The Academic Community

The Conference has taken place at the Imaret Hotel in Kavala, Greece from the 19th to the 21st of March.The International conference has attracted an international scientific audience from Europe, Asia and the Americas and concluded on the 21st of March with 80 scientific contributions and case studies from the international experience. The Conference’s scientific contributions will be compiled and Conference Proceedings entailing the full paper versions with be released shortly.

Fig. 1-2: The International Academic Community at the MIS-ETC 2666 STREAMS-2-SUPPRESS –FIRES
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The ALECTOR project has actively participated the Conference represented by Mr. Argyrios Patakakis, President of Drama Development SA, Dr. Nikolaos  Thomaidis, tourism cultural planner  and communication officer and Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou,  external expert for cultural heritage and communication.

Fig.4: Dr. Nikolaos Thomaidis, tourism cultural planner  and communication officer of the ENPI CBC BS ALECTOR Project  at the MIS-ETC 2666 STREAMS-2-SUPPRESS –FIRES

Scientific Contribution

Dr.  Dorothea Papathanasiou and Dr. Nikolaos Thomadis have contributed to the Conference Proceeding with the research paper: 

“A water value-driven interpretation of regional heritage:
An application multi-mix for heritage tourists in Drama, Greece

The paper introduces the new cultural heritage infrastructure introduced in the Black Sea Basin, under the umbrella of MIS 2617/ENPI CBC Project ALECTOR. It presents the cultural communication concept of the 3-component Open Street Museum (OSM) to be operated in seven countries (GR, RO, BG, MO, UA, GE, TR). Conference participants are introduced to the QRC-driven portable exhibition with 100 cultural heritage narratives, accessible via QRCs in the territory, the e-Book for iOs and Android users, and the highly advanced multivision production, to support contextual co-creation and participatory learning, as envisaged by ALECTOR.

Conference participants have been given examples for a cognitive driven communication pattern has been developed by the Project ALECTOR to adapt to the conditions regulating the recreational learning environment. The design presupposes a limited working memory capacity to deal with visual, auditory and verbal material, and an almost unlimited long-term memory, able to hold mental representations that vary in their degree of automation. It considers working memory constraints, element interactivity and 3 types of cognitive loads.

Presentation Of The Greek Pilot Project

Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou has presented the Greek Pilot Project, which will be implemented in will be implemented in Drama, Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It is about a water value-driven interpretation concept supporting the understanding how water is inextricably linked with socio-economic activity of the area, connected with the rise of the tobacco industry (1909-1939).

Fig.5-6: Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou, heritage and communication expert of the ENPI CBC BS ALECTOR Project  at the MIS-ETC 2666 STREAMS-2-SUPPRESS –FIRES presenting the Greek Pilot Project. 21.03.2015, Imaret Conference Hall, Kavala, Greece
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The Pilot Project includes 10 geo-locations related to the development of the tobacco industry and the resulting welfare expressed through a series of monuments that include gardens, mills, ware houses, mansions, theaters and educational institutions. The interpretation of this particular water culture enables visitors to gain insight and understanding about the reasons for conservation and ongoing protection through the communication of regional heritage.

Experience Exchange And Networking

The International Conference has provided an active forum for meeting scientists, decision makers and stakeholders that will promote the cooperation in natural heritage management, environmental and water research among countries from the Black Sea Basin,the Mediterranean Basin, Europe and worldwide.

In a series of discussions with Conference participants, the academic Community and ENPI CBC Black Sea Project Partners, Dr. Nikolaos Thomaidis and Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou were given the opportunity to exchange views and experiences ranging from project management and financial issues to cultural heritage and natural management topics.

Dr. Nikolaos Thomaidis and Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou have further introduced the ALECTOR Project to representatives from the Black Sea Basin countries in an effort to raise the awareness of multilevel actors to the Project’s innovation and attract participants fro the forthcoming Project Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in December 2015.

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