The UBBSLA Hosted The Second Cross Border Meeting

During 26-28 November 2014 the project partners gathered in Varna for the second cross border meeting of the project. The meeting was carried out as part of the project and the UBBSLA hosted the main activities.

The main topic of the meeting was focused on the discussion of the nine pilot tourist objects to be developed in the partner countries and promoted through the promotional spot, the travel aider and the open street museum.

The tourist routes in the countries cover a variety of activities and initiatives related with visiting places of cultural and historic heritage. To this end, the pilot object of Varna, Bulgaria entitled as “Varna – open to the people” encompasses ten significant culture and historic places under the moto “Hundred years in 60 minutes”. It is the idea that the objects are to be visited by walking in 60 minutes and the historic heritage and the social and economic life of Varna for the past 100 years is to be explored. Some of the places were visited and introduced to the project partners during their stay in Varna

The Ukrainian tour, nominated as “The UkrainianSalt with Sparkling Wine Taste” for Donbass region and the main idea is to show the deep roots of the territorial authentic culture through the modern industry heritage. It is to perform the historic and artistic points the salt can bring as value and asset to the visitors of specific places and destinations.

Moldova’s terroir route “Bread and Wine” presents gastronomical traditions from archaeological and historic point of view related with mythical perception of the bread and wine as spiritual value of worth. Bread and wine are considered as integrative elements for the touristic tour Moldavian partner can offer.

Georgia sets up the mixture of ancient traditions and customs with the contemporary culture and arts of the heritage the country entertains and offers to the tourists and visitors.

The tourist routes in Turkey are split into three destinations represented by the project partners. The region of Sile has been chosen as target outlining it as a combination of remarkable historic places and beautiful nature.

The region of Agva is offered as a significant tourist destination which has achieved to reunite the natural environment and cultural diversity and richness.

The region of Trabzon presents the “Silk Road” remarked as a road living through all times and gently passed on its way connecting Asia with Europe through various sub-way routes.

The establishment of the ALECTOR Black Sea Heritage Trail shall connect all pilot objects in the countries focusing on the emotional and social effect they bring to the residents and visitors.

The participants had discussions on the establishment of the Open Street Museum and the production of the Promotional Spot which will be produced and disseminated throughout the local stakeholders and local communities. A special attention was devoted to the ongoing interactive training of experts and specialists of heritage planning, methodologies and practices for historic and culture heritage in the Black Sea region.

In the long term prospective the project foresees the creation of strategic partnerships beyond the Black Sea region along with the multinational integrative concept to preserve the local resources and the cultural identity.

The next cross border meeting shall be held in Batumi, Georgia in June 2015.

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